Laura Anderson Book Talk Recap: 11/19/13


Tuesday night the WLC was fortunate to have debut novelist Laura Andersen, author of the The Boleyn Trilogy, speak to a rapt audience of 25 at the library.

Ms. Andersen has written an ingenious series which hinge on her envisioning Tudor history rewritten as Anne Boleyn’s having given birth to a male heir, dramatically  changing the course of history.

Laura led us into the “behind the scenes” life of a writer in a way that helped make understandable what is involved in creating stories that are based on historical periods that give rise to major religious and social change.

She explained how she was prompted by her muse, and her agent, who saw in this uniquely reimagined series a very strong market.

In her charming talk she cited libraries she frequented as a child as places where she became aware of her life long love of books and writing.

To that end she donated $200. to the WLC which she has added to her list of places she loves. We love that ,too!

All told we gained $310. that night, from Laura’s generosity, book sales, and donations. While not our most lucrative evening, the WLC is committed to being a champion of literature, up and coming young writers, and the importance of libraries as forums for their work.


The following volunteers made it happen: Ann Snow, Rebecca McGrath, Deborah Coppa, Linda Crowe, Kathryn Doran, Sloane Awtrey, Joanna Connolly, Alice Jacobs, Harriet Kahn, and Denise Wernikoff.


To read any of her books please come to the library to check them out, we purchased both. Keep your eyes open for Laura’s exciting and inventive books!





Dear Lover of Books,

For so many years, you have been little more than the hope of my heart and a wistful dream of my imagination. It’s been nine years since I began writing the single novel that eventually became The Boleyn King, The Boleyn Deceit, and The Boleyn Reckoning. When I started in 2004, I could count my readership on two hands. Now, there are more readers—strangers, most of you—who have generously taken a chance on a debut author and gone out of your way to connect with me. How to explain the joy of knowing that characters I love and a story I have lived with for almost a decade are now becoming part of others’ experience? I write the stories I want to read; how lucky for me that others want to join the alternate world of Anne Boleyn’s royal son as well.

Thank you for reading—not only my books, but any and all books. I’ve been a writer for a dozen years or so, but I’ve been a reader since I was four years old. Like you, I revel in the words and worlds of authors and every day I give thanks for a life in which I’m allowed to contribute to that culture.

May all your books bring you joy!

Laura Andersen

Learn more on Laura’s website and connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

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