Recap – Family Game Day Saturday November 15th!


We had a great Family Game Day this past Saturday!

Close to sixty parents and kids, and many volunteers contributed to making it a big success. Donations to the WLC came to $105., a high for this event.

We had help this time from a group of Boston College students who came to fulfill their commitment to community service, just as we do throughout the year.

The group of six students helped the kids make crafts, play games, and raked many bags of leaves. Thank you, BC!

We hope to see them back again at the next Family Game Day in December.

WLC Volunteers who helped make this day were: Katherine and Charlotte Doran, Louise Freedman, Karen Delorey, and Vasantha Ananthakrishnan. Thanks so much to these devoted volunteers for keeping the crowd of 60 adults and kids happy and organized.

See you next time at the Waban Library Center!