Author Talk – Bill Littlefield Tuesday February 4th 7:30 pm – Recap

Last night at the WLC Bill Littlefield, star of his NPR radio show, Only a Game, and prolific sports writer, hit all the bases talking to 65 admiring fans.

All seats were filled by a rapt audience, who were able to buy his books and enjoy conversation with this genial bard of the sports writing fraternity. Noticeably, the crowd held many first time visitors who heard about us from the Globe article, and Chris Payton’s blast to WLC card holders. No question why his show has been on the radio since 1986, and why his thoughtful books have continued relevance in a sports besotted culture.

WLC_BillLittlefield_Alice_book_signing_Feb2014 WLC_BillLittlefield_Speaking_Feb2014 WLC_BillLittlefield_SpeakingFromBackOfAudience_Feb2014 WLC_BillLittlefield_VolunteerReceivingPaymentForBook_Feb2014 WLC_BillLittlefield_WithVolunteers_Feb2014

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