We have a fine collection of CD Music Collection as well as New Books.

WLC has a music collection of compact discs that span the centuries from Bach to Dizzy Gillespie.We are very fortunate that Dr. Robert Schwartz donated his entire collection of 600 fine cds to the WLC.As a patron of the WLC you can listen to a wide variety of every form of classical music to contemporary and traditional jazz.

We inherited a fine collection of adult fiction and non-fiction and children’s books for very young children through teens. We have recently added over 1,000 books to the collection. Our goal is to provide our reading community with the books they would choose to read or purchase. We buy new books with adult and children readers in mind, and are very open to patron recommendations for new purchases.

We are also excited to share our latest collection – we now have 23 Playaways. These are all-in-one books you listen to – it’s the size of a deck of cards and all you need are headphones to start your book.  Great for kids, road trips, seniors and everyone!

SAM_2481 small SAM_2488 small SAM_2501 small

Please recommend any books you’d like to see in the collection in the comment form below.


2 thoughts on “Books/CD

  1. Hi. I am interested in getting a copy of George Nugent’s book on Waban. I grew up on Gould Road (1960-1970), not far from where George grew up on Anawan, and according to an article of his I read some time ago we actually share the same birthday: December 26. Only, his is 30 years before mine! Could you possibly tell me how I could get a copy of his book? I tried to get in touch with him some years ago through your organization, but I never heard back from him. Anything you could do to help me get the book ( and perhaps even contact him) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    Bill Albert

    • Hi Bill,
      We have copies of George Nugent’s book in the library. Please drop by when we are open. It is $10, cash or check.
      thank you!

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