In Memoriam, Elmore Leonard

In Memoriam, Elmore Leonard

A great man of American letters, Elmore Leonard, died yesterday, August 19, 2013, at eighty seven. Author of over forty volumes from Westerns to his unique brand of crime novels, Elmore Leonard was totally at home anywhere his pen took him. He created a unique style of crime novel based on vivid personalities built through perfectly captured vernacular.

His home town Detroit, Miami, Hollywood – we came to know them and live there for a while through his piercing and very humorous lens. “Get Shorty,” “Gold Coast,” “Out of Sight,” and many, many others came from the mind of this American original. More than a few were made into films.

You can find several of his books at the Waban Library Center, and if we don’t have them, we will order them.

Alice Jacobs

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