Recap – WLC Volunteer Party – October 13


The director of WLC , Alice Jacobs, gave an update of what we have accomplished in six years.

  • Increased and enriched our children’s and adult collections – we have now over 14,000 titles
  • Added WLC library card holders to 2,000 members.
  • Created a corps of excellent volunteers from Waban/Newton.
  • Refurbished our children’s area to reflect youthful taste.
  • Attracted donations from small and large benefactors to maintain our presence.
  • Presented great authors, such as : Atul Gawande, Sue Miller, BA Shapiro, David Ferry, William Ferry, William Landay, Coventry Edwards-Pitts and many others.
  • Built community through serving as the meeting place for Brownies, PTO, Cub Scouts, Waban Book Club, Newton Family Singers, Waban Area Council, and many others.
  • Transformed our grounds through the Patio gathering place.


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