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Have a question? Please refer to the FAQ below. If you have additional questions please contact us.

We can’t say in advance what books will be read that day. It totally depends on the age range of that day’s “audience.” We will always have story time – even if it is only for one child. We could definitely have a story in Spanish for that day if we have a little group of Spanish speaking children/adults. We have a selection of Spanish language books for children – come check out our display – and will always take requests for books to be purchased.

Due to our very small shelf space we do not accept book donations, other than new, current best sellers and books of that calibre.

As you are now aware, the Waban Library Center is not part of the Minuteman Library Network. Please be assured that you are not the first person (or probably the last) who has mistakenly returned a Minuteman Library Network book to our little library. When that happens, one of our volunteer staff will return the book to the Newton Free Library and the staff there will route it to the appropriate Minuteman library. We try to go to the Newton Free Library about once a week to return such books (and pick up Waban Library Center books that were returned by mistake to the Newton Free Library). You will be responsible for any overdue charges incurred at the library where you originally checked out the book. If you realize that you have returned a book to the wrong library, you can also call the Waban Library Center (617-244-0700) to alert us of the situation and we will hold the book if you want to return it to the correct library yourself.

Yes, our lease with the City of Newton does not permit us to rent or use our premises for any private function. So we do not have any rental space available.

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