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Did you know that the WLC has a music collection of compact discs that span the centuries from Bach to Dizzy Gillespie?

We are very fortunate that Dr. Robert Schwartz donated his entire collection of 600 fine cds to the WLC.

As a patron of the WLC you can listen to a wide variety of every form of classical music to contemporary and traditional jazz. The collection is particularly rich in piano works by all the greats. The pianists include: Horowitz, Rubinstein, Ohlsson, Ushida, and other virtuosi. Every month we feature works of one composer! For October we have a display of Franz Liszt, born on October 22nd, 1811.

Next time you are at the library please look for the Music Collection. You can also take a listen on our stereo with ear buds. Just like our books, you can borrow ten cds at a time for three weeks!

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