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We are entirely staffed by volunteers. We are so grateful to all of our selfless workers for giving back to the village of Waban.

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The WLC is entirely supported by individual and community donations, and staffed solely by volunteers. We are so grateful to our volunteers for helping to make the village of Waban a better place.

Current Volunteers

  • Sue Bear
  • Sara Butler
  • Sally Cantor
  • Debora Compton
  • Joanna Connolly
  • Deborah Coppa
  • Alison Corkery
  • Linda Crowe
  • Katherine Doran
  • Lise Elkind
  • Liz Epstein
  • Louise Freedman
  • Loretta Gailius
  • Ricky Gold
  • Alice Jacobs
  • Katie Kubie
  • Charlene Kress
  • Sheila Levitan
  • Nancy Mansbach
  • Rebecca McGrath
  • Stephanie Meyer
  • Sharon Sasanow
  • Ann Snow
  • Denise Wernikoff
  • Geline Williams
  • Roberta Yellen
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